Denim Day Boston 2011

Please help end rape & sexual violence by scheduling a Denim Day mini-event!  The youth of YEP (Youth Empowerment Project) are scheduling interactive mini-event presentations with schools, colleges, groups, organizations, and businesses.  They are about 45 minutes to an hour long, and it includes some of the following:

  • the history of Denim Day
  • what you can do to help stop sexual violence
  • passing out custom-painted patches with anti-violence slogans to wear on Denim Day
  • make-your-own denim patches

If you would like to be a part of the anti-rape movement and help end violence, please contact Danny, information below.

This year, Denim Day Boston will be on Thursday, April 28th.  Denim Day Boston is an anti-rape, anti-violence, and anti-victim blaming campaign for all peoples of the Boston area.  It’s a time to remember that all people have the right to live life without sexual violence and without the fear of sexual violence, that we all have the ability to fight for that right.  For the history of Denim Day, please see below.

In Italy, an 18 year old woman was picked up by her driving instructor.  He drove her to an isolated place, forced her out of one pant leg and rapes her.  She tells her parents, the case is taken to court, and he is convicted.  He appeals the case all the way to the Italian Supreme Court where the case was dismissed and overturned.  The court argued that since she wore very tight jeans, she must have helped him take them off, so therefore it wasn’t rape but consensual sex.  Enraged, the women of the Italian Parliament protested by wearing jeans.  News of this case made its way to Peace Over Violence in Los Angeles where Denim Day L.A. was born as a campaign against sexual violence and victim blaming.

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