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The Blasia Group, now part of The Boston Group, a local marketing and design agency, recently helped the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK) to create its new butterfly logo.

Wenni Wang, one of the founders of The Blasia Group, attended ATASK’s 15th Anniversary Silk Road Gala in November 2008. Inspired by ATASK’s goals and accomplishments, Wang met with the president of ATASK, Linda Chin, to discuss new branding ideas and concepts. From that meeting, Wang and her team of experts began the process of designing a new logo for ATASK, which became the present butterfly logo.

A grain from five different types of rice, used to represent the various regions of Asia, was used to create the shape of the butterfly. Rice is the staple food of the Asian culture and has traditionally been viewed as a gift from the gods to show their care for humankind. The butterfly itself embodies the ability to metamorphose into a beautiful creature, symbolizing rebirth, life, and freedom; its flight represents the regaining of independence. The logo’s concepts parallel the goals of ATASK- to provide support and to empower survivors of domestic violence to become self- sufficient and live fuller lives. The single butterfly sends the message that society should work together as one to fight domestic violence and that strength arises from unity.



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