Denim Day Boston 2014

DENIM DAY is an anti-rape, anti-violence, anti-victim blaming campaign, using denim jeans as a creative protest tool to fight against rape and violence in our communities and our world. It’s a time to remember that all people have the right to live life without sexual violence, without domestic violence, and without the fear of either, that we all have the ability to fight for that right.

Denim Day 2014 in the Boston area & in Eastern Massachusetts will be on Wednesday, April 23rd!

Support YEP youth as they work to end violence and victim-blaming!  We are requesting donations between now through April for Denim Day.  Click here to see our Amazon wishlist with supplies we are looking for that can be purchased and donated. If you would like to support our efforts by a monetary contribution, please visit our donations page and be sure to click on one of the options that say “Denim Day.”

Save the Date! In recognition of Denim Day, YEP will host a Take Back the Night event on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 6-9pm at Viet-AID, Great Hall, 42 Charles Street, Dorchester, MA 02122. March and rally starts at 6pm at Ashmont Station.

Also visit the YEP Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

The History of Denim Day

In Italy, 1992, an 18 year old woman was picked up by her driving instructor. He drove her to an isolated place, forced her out of one pant leg and rapes her. She tells her parents, the case is taken to court, and he is convicted. He appeals the case all the way to the Italian Supreme Court where the case was dismissed and overturned. The court argued that since she wore very tight jeans, she must have helped him take them off, so therefore it wasn't rape but consensual sex. Enraged by this injustice, the women of the Italian Parliament protested by wearing jeans.

News of this case made its way to the organization, Peace Over Violence, in Los Angeles where Denim Day L.A. was born as a campaign against sexual violence and victim blaming. The Denim Day campaign eventually spread to cities and states in New Jersey, Missouri, and others. Four years ago, YEP (Youth Empowerment Project) brought Denim Day to the Boston area for the very first time.

Check out some of the fantastic artwork the youth made last year on our Facebook page