ATASK makes real differences in real people’s lives.  But we don’t do it by working miracles: we do it with the help of people like you. Without you, ATASK would be unable to provide its promised help for survivors of domestic violence in the Greater Boston and Lowell communities.  ATASK volunteers are not just professional psychologists or social workers; they’re good people who have decided to give back to their community by volunteering their time with ATASK. And we want you to join them.

ATASK fully trains its volunteers to move the organization toward its ultimate goal of eliminating domestic violence and strengthening Asian families.  Possible responsibilities include:

  • Educating attendees at outreach events, media initiatives, and youth and community leader conferences.
  • Providing English lessons, childcare, advocate assistance, emergency phone assistance, and translation services to clients and their children.
  • Working at the ATASK office maintaining databases, developing library resources, and organizing fundraising and special events.
  • Participating on the Board of Directors and committees.

Why should you volunteer?

  • Learn new skills
  • Make new contacts
  • Help eliminate domestic violence

All you have to do is care.  We’ll help you accomplish the rest.

Here’s how to volunteer with the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence:

**For Employment Opportunities, click here.

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