Denim Day Boston 2010


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All buttons funds go directly to our youth program, the Youth Empowerment Project, that works to end violence, rape, and oppression in our communities.


What’s Denim Day?
Denim Day is an anti-rape, anti-violence, anti-victim blaming campaign, based on wearing and using denim jeans as a tool to fight against rape and violence in our communities.

The History of Denim Day
In Italy 1992, an 18-year-old woman is raped by her driving instructor. The case goes to court but the driving instructor appeals it all the way to the Italian Supreme Court where a judge said “because the victim wore very, very tight jeans,” she must have helped him take off her jeans, thereby deeming the rape as consensual sex. Within the next few hours the women of the Italian Parliament wore jeans in protest.

This event spread to the organization, Peace Over Violence, in Los Angeles where Denim Day first began and soon Denim Day spread to other cities and states including New Jersey, Missouri, and now Boston.

Denim Day as brought to you by the YEP of ATASK
This April the 29th, the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK) presents Denim Day Boston 2010, bringing Denim Day to the Boston area for the first time.  YEP youth are making noise and rising up against rape, violence, and victim blaming by working hard to create custom denim patches for all to wear on Denim Day and talking to various schools, classes, group, clubs, and organizations in support of Denim Day and safer communities.  YEP youth are also bringing a Denim Day event the evening of the 29th.

The YEP are a group of awesome Asian American youth devoted to ending domestic/dating violence, sexual violence, and all of the inequalities and layers of oppression that exists in all our communities.
ATASK is a Boston area nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent domestic violence and to provide hope to survivors by providing culturally, racially, and linguistically appropriate and respectful services and education.

What to do on Denim Day to support the anti-rape & Anti-violence  movement?
All day on April 29th, we ask that everyone please wear denim jeans.  Let’s protest against rape and violence in solidarity!  We ask all that have a custom-painted denim patch made by YEP youth to wear it on your shirt, on your jeans, on your bag, or on anything you have on that a safety pin can attach to.  The more people we see on April 29th with denim jeans and denim patches on means that there are at least that many people refusing to stand by and let rape and violence continue in our communities.  All day on April 29th, spread the word, raise awareness, and simply talk to someone.  Starting the week of Denim Day, help support our anti-violence work by purchasing one of our special custom buttons.  And if you are so inclined, we invite you to join us on the evening of the 29th at our Denim Day event as we stand together for peace.

Denim Day event details…
The Denim Day event will be held on Thursday, April 29th from 5 to 7pm at the Vietnamese American Community Center in Fields Corner on 42 Charles Street.  At the Denim Day event, you'll hear YEP youth speak out against violence. You can make your own denim patch and add it to our anti-violence quilt.  Enjoy free food and drinks.  Partake in the very affordable raffle with awesome prizes.  Get an anti-violence button!  Meet other cool people…

Join the anti-violence movement!

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