Tina Cavicchio

Owner, TC Dance Company

Dancing has been a part of my life since I began taking my first steps. My earliest memories date back to being on the tip of my toes dancing ballet or learning to tap my feet at just 2 years old. Learning Jazz soon followed. This musical influence came from growing up in a musical household, where my father was a ballroom dancer entertainer, and exposure to partner dancing came naturally. I eventually followed in his ballroom footsteps, and at the age of 11, I began training mambo. 

One day later in life, serendipity brought me into a Latin dance club, and my life changed completely. I fell in love with the experience--madly, deeply--marking the beginning of a wonderful career. I soon began directing Alma Boston's bachata team for 5 seasons. Since then, I have traveled the country performing, teaching, and training in various forms--including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, Latin, and African dancing.

As a queer female lead and follow, I have become a major advocate for individual empowerment and expression. I strive to give my students the technical foundation they need and to inspire them to explore individual creativity. Passion, energy, and connection are inseparable elements of my performances and social dancing. Each day inspires me to push the limits of Latin dance in my choreography while forever remaining an open-minded student.

Available for: Corporate Events, Wedding Dances, Private/Group Lessons, Choreography, Performances & Team Coaching

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