The Education and Outreach team provides continuous outreach to Asian/Asian American communities across the state of Massachusetts and throughout New England with a focus on Greater Boston and Greater Lowell.  Our staff distributes information about domestic violence, helpline information, and other necessary resources at community events, cultural festivals, community centers, places of worship, local restaurants, super-markets, and Asian/Asian American owned businesses to ensure that domestic violence awareness can be accessed where members of the Asian/Asian American community gather.

In addition to distributing materials about domestic violence, ATASK staff often provide short presentations on ATASK services and information to staff of community-based organizations, health care providers, immigrant-serving organizations, law enforcement, faith-based organizations, and community centers to ensure Asian/Asian American and immigrant communities are able to access domestic violence assistance through their perspective service organizations.

For short presentations about ATASK, or domestic violence information and materials in Khmer (Cambodian), Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Japanese, please contact:

Dawn Sauma

Co-Executive Director

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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