Emergency Shelter Program

ATASK’s emergency shelter program provides crisis intervention and support services for survivors of domestic violence.  The shelter serves 12 families or up to 23 individuals fleeing from domestic violence.  Shelter staff collaborate with ATASK’s community-based advocates to provide coordinated responses and support for program participants.  Shelter staff assist clients to safety plan, seek transitional and/or permanent housing, employment, child care, children's services, and access to other resources that will empower them to become independent.  Shelter residents also receive assistance with food, transportation, and other essentials.  Shelter residents are able to participate in various community building programs and volunteer run interactive playgroups for the kids.  A nurse and other staff from Boston Health Care for the Homeless program come to assist shelter residents on-site.  ATASK’s emergency shelter provides a safe environment by ensuring 24/7 hour coverage by trained staff.

To learn more about our emergency shelter program, contact:

Manager of Residential Services

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If you or someone you know needs help, please call our 24 hour multilingual helpline:


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