English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program

ATASK aims to empower survivors to be more independent and self-sufficient by providing English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). This program is tailored to the needs of Asian immigrant domestic violence survivors. Most of the students enrolled in this program are existing clients and are low income immigrant survivors. In the last fiscal year, we taught Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Korean, South Asian, Filipino, and Japanese adults.  Located in ATASK’s Boston office, the program teaches English and self-sufficiency, supporting clients in leading violence-free lives. Our first goal is to adeptly teach multilevel classes, engaging all learners and providing an educational and enriching experience. This program additionally focuses on providing knowledge on information technology, workforce development and financial literacy to clients, using a model of safety and self care. Through this program, our goal is to help our clients to transition into a state of empowerment where they feel more resilient and are aware of their social capital. This in turn will prevent these survivors from becoming victims of violence in the future. The program also provides clients with a supportive and safe environment that is not available in mainstream programs.

To learn more about the ESOL Program, contact:

Staci Hopkin

ESOL Insructor

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